The Dragon’s Torment (Novella) (Paperback)

The Dragon’s Torment – Book 1.5 (Novella) – Romantic Fantasy series by Australian Author Emily L K


The throne now secured, can Cori complete the task the Karalis had failed?


Alone in the world without the Karalis to guide her, and with the realities of immortality a heavy weight on her shoulders, can Cori find the strength for vengeance?
A bittersweet novella following Cori through five hundred years of bitterness and heartbreak as told by those who cross her path, The Dragon’s Torment is a must read for lovers of the Dragon’s Song Series and it is best read between books one and two of The Dragon’s Song Series.

Complete series out now! Recommended Reading Order:

Book 1: The Dragon’s Throne

Book 1.5: The Dragon’s Torment

Book 2: The Dragon’s Downfall

Book 3: The Dragon’s Fury


This is the paperback edition of The Dragon’s Torment.

Size: 5x8in

The Dragon’s Song series is a romantic fantasy series with slow burn romance, power couples, court intrigue, dragons and unique magic. These books contain some open-door steamy scenes.



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