The Dragon’s Downfall (Book Two) (Paperback)

The Dragon’s Downfall – Book Two – Romantic Fantasy series by Australian Author Emily L K

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Just when all hope was lost, a sweet summer song calls to her for the first time in five hundred years.

Everyone she knows is dead, her throne has been left in ruin and Cori has forsaken everything she once held dear to carve through the unrelenting years of immortality alone.
Beaten down by her enemies after years of fighting, she is ready to give in and find her family in the afterlife when a single thread of magic calls her back, commands her to keep fighting. After five hundred years, Cori finally returned to her ruined realm to seek out the one person she thought she’d never see again.
But reuniting with the Karalis is not the happy ending either of them anticipated, for Cori carries a dark secret that marked her for death the moment she took on the burden. Can Cori and Rowan navigate this new world together and find a way to change her fated path before it’s too late?

Complete series out now! Recommended Reading Order:

Book 1: The Dragon’s Throne

Book 1.5: The Dragon’s Torment

Book 2: The Dragon’s Downfall

Book 3: The Dragon’s Fury


This is the paperback edition of The Dragon’s Downfall.

Size: 5x8in

The Dragon’s Song series is a romantic fantasy series with slow burn romance, power couples, court intrigue, dragons and unique magic. These books contain some open-door steamy scenes.



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