Books By Emily LK

The Dragon’s Song Series

Her magic hasn’t been seen for centuries. Propelled from servant to heir to the throne, can she harness her new gifts before they consume her?

Human-born Cori knows her place is to serve. But dragon-filled dreams haunt her every night, leaving her bloodied and bruised. And when she inadvertently captures the attention of the realm’s aloof ruler, she sets in motion a thousand-year-old war between factions of the fabled Dijem.

pulled further and further into a web of power by the Karalis, the young servant is plunged into insidious court schemes not of her making. But when a violent uprising creates mayhem and kills her mother, Cori’s latent magic demands vengeance. And a more sinister foe awaits beyond the palace grounds…

Can Cori rein in her own magic, stop the Karalis spiralling into madness and defeat the most devastating enemy the realm has ever known?

The Dragon’s Throne is the captivating first book in The Dragon’s Song epic fantasy series. If you like character-driven conflict, friends-to-lovers romance, and empire-spanning power plays, then you’ll love Emily L K’s intriguing coming-of-age tale.

This series is a must read in 2023 For lovers of slow burn, spicy romance, found family, strong female protagonists, unique magics and dragons. Buy The Dragon’s Throne to embrace the magic within today!

The Mages Of Might Series

In this world, strength is noticed, strength is feared, strength is punished.
Desperate to fund a Healer for her dying mother, Illusionist Tsillah tricks her way into an apprenticeship with a visiting Archmage by pretending to be an elementalist. When she learns that the Archmage intends for her to compete on the circuit – a fierce competition for combat mages – Tsillah is desperate enough to try the unthinkable – she teaches herself to wield fire to become a dual wielder, a practice outlawed by the High Magus. Certain she’ll be executed on the spot when she’s found out, she discovers that her Archmage and his other apprentice have some world altering secrets of their own. If you love show stopping magic, high stakes tournaments and a heroine desperate to stay alive, you’ll love this first instalment of the Mages of Might series.