The Dragon’s Song Series

The Dragon’s Song series is a complete romantic fantasy series with high stakes, bittersweet moments, dragons and a female MC hell bent on revenge. Read it if you love:

  • Slow burn romance that spans multiple books
  • Age gap/immortals
  • Dragons that speak mind-to-mind
  • Unique magic systems
  • A morally grey FMC who grows darker as the story progresses
  • Epic battles and women-led armies
  • Coming of age themes (book one) including grief, loss and first loves
  • A series that spans five hundred years on the timeline

The Dragon’s Throne

The Dragon’s Torment

The Dragon’s Downfall

The Dragon’s Fury

The Mages Of Might Series

The Mages Of Might is a slow burn romantic fantasy series that has a cosy/easy ready vibe but high stakes. It reads as a serial, with plot points spanning the entire series. Read it if you love:

  • Slow burn romance that spans multiple books
  • Elemental Magic with a level up style of progression
  • Found family
  • Apprentice/teacher
  • Protector
  • Underdog/overlord world dynamics
  • positive/non-problematic relationships

The Archmage

Dual Wield

Books by Addie Grey

Addie Grey is a dark romance author who writes in the paranormal and fantasy genres of romance. Her books are heavy on the spicy scenes and do contain content warnings that some readers may want to check before diving in.

Carved From Obsidian

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