About Emily LK

My Story

Like most writers, I live in my head…

I started writing in high school. Fluff pieces about myself and my friends and make believe boyfriends. My friends and I would swap scraps of paper to read each other’s stories.

At the same time I absolutely devoured books. Romance in fantasy wasn’t much of a thing back then, but I sought it out anyway, finding Book Boyfriend obsessions in series such as Anne Bishop’s Black Jewel Series, Trudi Canavan’s Black Magician Series and other epic fantasies that had a sprinkle of romance.

My online writing presence also began in high school and like many I started out writing Harry Potter Fan Fiction. My Dramione stories grew quickly and massively popular, and they’re still out there in the world, getting reader comments fifteen years later.

As a young adult I took some time out from the drudge of the corporate world and spent six months in Paris with my then boyfriend (now Husband with a capital H) and that’s where I began writing The Dragon’s Song series.

The Dragon’s Throne (book 1) was originally intended to be a stand alone book but once I started posting it on Wattpad and it gained popularity there I found I was unable to let go of the characters and one who was originally going to be killed was saved and the rest is history.

Three books, a novella and over 2 million reads later, the Dragon’s Song Series came down from Wattpad and moved to Amazon where it lives today, available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

I’m always writing when I get the chance and there’s many more stories coming from 2023.